First look at tokidoki x JuJuBe collaboration Toki Market

April 5, 2021Amanda

Toki Market is JuJuBe and tokidoki’s newest collaboration and will be releasing April 6, 2021 at 9 am PST! Toki Market is a fresh new design that is giving me all the Spring and Farmer Market vibes. There are fun characters like SANDy, Donutella, Honeybee, and so many more. If you are new to the JuJuBe x tokidoki world their collaborations are very popular, they are very limited releases, and do not get restocked once sold out. So make sure to set those alarms! As always JuJuBe is machine washable and has a lifetime warranty. To get $10 off your order click on this affiliate link.

In my YouTube video I mentioned that the Fuel Cell is not insulated; it is in fact insulated with Thinsulate by 3M. Agion-treated interior resists bacteria, mold and mildew; Teflon-treated exterior resists stains.



Be Light

Super Be


Be Quick

Be Set

Paci Pod

Be Dapper

Mini BRB

Mini BFF


Be Cool

Zipper Pull Key Rings (Palette, Donutella, Chocotella, Amerena, Crissy, SANDy)-sold separately.

Mini BFF
Back of Mini BFF as a crossbody
Back of Mini BFF as a backpack
Interior of Mini BFF
Front of Be Quick. Includes a crossbody strap and a clutch strap
Back of the Be Quick
Interior of the Be Quick
Front of the Be Cool. Includes adjustable strap. “PEVA lining; highly stain resistant material; interiors treated to resist bacteria, mold and mildew.” – JuJuBe website
Be Cool Interior
Zipper pulls
Pio Pio on the Mini BFF, Palette on the Be Cool, and Honeybee & Honeycomb on the Be Quick.

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