JuJuBe | Stay Salty & Beach Please

August 8, 2021Amanda

The third print in JuJuBe’s MBoss collection is Stay Salty in Seafoam with coordinating print Beach Please. As someone that surfs I absolutely love this print! Both prints will be releasing August 12th 9am PST. I will be posting a YouTube video soon (I am currently getting over a cold and lost my voice). This collection will be available on the JuJuBe website.

Line Up for Stay Salty

  • Be Quick (pictured)
  • Be Set
  • Dr. BFF
  • Midi Backpack Deluxe
  • Super Be (pictured)
  • Zealous Backpack

Line Up for Beach Please

  • Be Quick
  • Be Set (pictured)
  • Be Light (pictured)

Print Comparisons

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